Innovative processes for industrial heat treatment by microwave

Plant extraction / Sludge recycling / Drying / Technical thermal treatment

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Why microwaves?

What is microwave radiation?

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with a wavelength between infrared and broadcasting waves, i.e. between about 30 cm (1 GHz) and 1 mm (300 GHz).


Response of a material
to microwave field

When microwave radiation encounters a material, the material will absorb part of this radiation and heat up by dissipating the microwave radiation in the form of heat energy. The unabsorbed part of the radiation is reflected.

microwave radiation

Some materials
totally reflect
microwave field without heating (conductive material, metal)

microwave radiation

Some materials
are transparent
to microwave radiation and do not heat up (quartz, Teflon, etc.)

microwave radiation

Some materials polarize
(molecular agitation) and heat in the presence of microwave radiation (water, plant, oil, solvent, etc.)

The behavior of a material subjected to microwave radiation depends on its dielectric permittivity ?


The higher the dielectric permittivity, the more the material will absorb microwaves and therefore heat up.
The best example is water ? = 80

Case of plant extraction

In the case of plant extraction, fresh (80 to 90% water) or rehydrated plants respond very well to microwaves.


1. Vaporization of certain water molecules inside the plant cell

2. Increase in partial vapor pressure

3. Mechanical "spin" effect

4. Release of active ingredients from the plant cell


Advantages of the microwave process

Our solutions allow you to win on all fronts!

The advantages of microwave heating are many:

from 80 to 95%
CO2 emissions

(divided by 6.4)


Classic process ?
Conventional heating

from outside to inside the cell

Microwave process ?
Selective heating

from inside to outside the cell

Time saving
15 - 30 mins
against several hours
for a traditional process

Energy gain
from 10 to 40%

compared to the traditional process


The only industrial microwave equipment
on the vegetable, mineral and high temperature extraction market

Unique technologies
for homogeneous treatments

Related innovative processes

Plant extraction : both microwave and ultrasound, ricirculation in thin layer, countercurrent recirculation

Mineral :sludge expansion,
microwave thermal booster...

Special machines adapted to customer specifications

High concentration
of collected extracts ? high yield
up to 98% yield

Extraction process meeting
Eco-Friendly and REACH regulations

High quality of extracts

extraction under nitrogen, under vacuum,
under controlled temperature preservation of the organoleptic properties

Preservation of the organoleptic properties

Possibility of combining microwaves and ultrasound n order to increase the extraction power and the number of molecules extracted

Equipment available in
ATEX version

Equipment modularity

Easy installation and quick start-up

Circular economy

Equipment modularity

Simplified maintenance
Easy cleaning

Homogeneous heating by means of a patented stirring process

Industrial equipment available in batch and continuous

Technologies and Processes
protected by patents
- 15 PATENTS -

Global offer including the recovery of by-products

Possibilities of treating different forms of plants
(powders, leaves, shredded material, plants, etc.)

Scale up
a few kg to several tonnes