Innovative processes for industrial heat treatment by microwave

Plant extraction / Sludge recycling / Drying / Technical thermal treatment

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From laboratory to industrial scale, welcome to a world of innovative solutions

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From laboratory to industrial unit
From idea to realization

IDCO . Innovation Development Company
A Marseille company, was born in 2000 on the basis of a revolutionary and daring idea: to recover sludge from washing quarry aggregates into expanded aggregates by microwaves. It is then a totally innovative application for this technology.
The use of microwave technology in new areas of operation then became IDCO's purpose. Its location in the South of France, near the Calanques natural park and close to Grasse naturally orients it towards plant extraction.

IDCO quickly becomes a MAJOR PLAYER in 4 distinct sectors :

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These activities are at the origin of numerous patents, making it possible to reduce CO2 emissions, energy consumption, to optimize our natural resources and to develop the circular economy…. A real desire for ecological commitment and active participation in the preservation of resources and climate protection!

Today, IDCO designs, develops and markets complete and innovative industrial solutions based on microwave technology allowing high efficiency and homogeneous heating. The range of equipment offered allows batch and continuous processing.

2021 marks a new stage in the scale of our equipment to meet the needs of industry: we are developing high-power equipment and a licensing strategy in partnership with our customers and integrators.

IDCO is supported by

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IDCO was the winner of the 2nd national competition for the creation of innovative technology companies and won 
1st prize in the EDF Pulse Paca "Industry of the Future" competition 2016



22 years of innovations and world exclusives


Creation of ENTEMA company and « Mineral » to recycle quarry sludge.

Design and development of high temperature microwave technology in industrial scale.

Validation of an efficient stirring solution to microwave homogeneous heating

Registration of microwave clay expansion patents


Registration of microwave heat treatment devices and processes with stirring

Expansion of glass pellets with microwaves

Starting of an industrial pilot equipment for high temperature treatment of aggregates with rotating internal tank

(1 100°C - 50 to 500 Kg/h - 80 KW - 915 MHz) (Istres-13)

RPIFHW Vitrification (Residues from the Purification of Incineration Fumes from Household Waste)


ENTEMA becomes IDCO – Innovation and Development Company


Expansion of small diameter glass aggregates with microwaves (impossible to obtain with traditionnal heating process)


Testing platform inauguration in Marseille


Design of a contionuous endless screw microwave extractor/dryer – Extractor ECS range


« Plant extraction » business launch and development of the EXTRACTOR range
Design and patent registration of the laboratory extractor EXTRACTOR E200
World first·: combination of microwave and ultrasound technologies
Development of the CALCINATOR range for the mineral application


Commercial launch of the EXTRACTOR E200
World first : recycling in thin layer process patent filing
Recycling of calcareous sludge into lightweight aggregates


Development of a mixed microwave and hot air drying process


World first : development of a continuous belt microwave plant extractor – Extractor ECT range


Supervision of all equipments


World first : Development of a microwave continuous rotary kiln
Development on an innovative continuous endless screw extractor combining microwave and ultrasound energies in liquid medium. Extractor ECS range.


5 new patents

A revolution for 4 identified sectors



Raw material

Choice of process

Definition of customer specifications



Characterization of extraction parameters (technology, microwave power, use of ultrasound, treatment time, temperature, etc.)

Extracted plant valorisation

of a mobile unit

Analysis of test results and parameters to validate the sizing of industrial equipment




Client’s needs identification (product, flow rate, technical requirements, …)

Sludge Analysis

Knowledge of the chemical composition is essential to evaluate the microwave response, the feasibility of extraction, expansion or calcination and the need for solvent or additives

Expert software

Industrial unit

Analysis of test results and parameters to validate the sizing of industrial equipment





Client’s needs identification (product, flow rate, technical requirements, …) . Moisture of raw product, final dryness target


Sludge Analysis

Trials on E200 and ECT200, optimization of mixing, initial and final water content, hot air flow and temperature, energy balance


Expert software

Calculation of microwave power, flow rate and hot air temperature.


Industrial unit

Tests parameters and results analysis to define the industrial equipment size


Thermal treatment



Client’s needs identification (product, flow rate, technical requirements, …)

Definition of customer needs (product, capacity, technical constraints, specific requests, etc.). Chemical and particle size analysis of the raw product. Target temperature. Bearings. Dielectric permittivity.


Sludge Analysis

Tests on C200 and C400, optimization of mixing, loss on ignition, energy balance. Heating parameters.


Expert software

Calculation of microwave power, Determination of microwave power, temperatures and steps

thermal treatment-calcination4-technique-idco-equipment-microwave

Industrial unit

Tests parameters and results analysis to define the industrial equipment size


Processes based on trust and the exchange of information


Testing Platform - Marseille
Technical hall of 150 m2
Services: studies using exspert software and tests

Idco. Industrial . Microwave . Solutions

Our values


Acting for the environment and working for the future are our founding values.
IDCO solutions enable better industrial efficiency while reducing C02 emissions, saving energy, preserving resources and developing the circular economy.
Do more with less.
More than technological advances, IDCO offers a real revolution in process and way of thinking.

We have a policy of continuous innovation because our competitive advantages are yours.

Supplying fast and efficient implementation of the resources you need is one of our priorities

We are constantly striving to offer optimized and targeted solutions, in an industrial logic.

Our innovation policy allows us to acquire a high and recognized level of expertise that we make available to you to meet your needs as effectively as possible.

We ensure strict confidentiality of your projects at every stage of their development. Contracts are offered each time a business is opened.

We offer you intervention methods and solutions tailored to your needs and your organization, both in terms of testing and delivery of equipment (possibilities of sale, rental, rental with purchase option and financing).

Idco. Industrial . Microwave . Solutions


Idco. Industrial . Microwave . Solutions

Some of our clients

Idco. Industrial . Microwave . Solutions


FIRMENICH - Production of essential oils

FIRMENICH's Innovation Natural department has been working with IDCO for several years. Our collaboration is very fruitful and we were able to appreciate the professionalism and great responsiveness of IDCO. This collaboration has led to positive, concrete and promising results that we hope to continue to develop.

R&D industrialisation DirectorPhilippe Pineau


"We have found in IDCO a reliable and competent partner able to feed the research and development innovation process on our themes. The IDCO team was able to understand our specific issues and respond technically to ensure the success of the specifications. It is also a friendly and available team. A subcontractor of choice"

Iann Rancé R&D Director

ALTEO - Red mud recycling

"We have been working with IDCO since 2012 to find solutions for the recovery of our bauxite residues, and we were able to appreciate IDCO's professionalism and creativity. For each new request that we formulate, IDCO finds solutions and carries out the necessary tests on different scales with reactivity. Proof of our satisfaction: we had the opportunity to strongly advise several of our Partners to work with IDCO."

Laurent Poizat Strategic Projects Manager

OLEOS /HALLSTAR - Production of oil extracts

"Our activity has been based on the eco-extraction of plants to offer the cosmetic market high-performance and safe natural ingredients. Extraction co-intensified by ultrasound and microwaves as proposed by IDCO, caught our interest in optimizing our production processes by reducing extraction times and energy consumption – Today the Extractor 200 allows us to make scale-up and the Extractor 600 is a major tool in our production line "

Anne Rossignol Casteraex PDG

EDF - Recovery of dam sludge

"EDF has been working with IDCO for 10 years. IDCO's skills, its mastery of microwave solutions (for which we have not found an equivalent on the market) have enabled us to develop new methods of recovering materials and to be part of a logic of circular economy. . We particularly appreciate the responsiveness and the quality of the services provided by this company. These qualities justify that IDCO was awarded an EDF PULSE PACA prize which rewards the most innovative companies with which EDF works in the PACA region."

Patrick DurandDevelopment and innovation manager

EUROVIA - Recycling sludge into aggregates

"We have carried out several studies with the company IDCO, within the framework of projects for the recovery of industrial co-products of various kinds. The approach has always been serious, rigorous and pragmatic from the analysis of the need, the lab and pilot tests, until the delivery of the study report. These trials have enabled us to develop our strategy in different areas. We plan to work with IDCO to support our development in the recycling and recovery of co-products and waste from construction or industry."

Benoit WeibelDevelopment Manager and materials for the South of France

Key figures


 sold equipments


tonnes of CO2


kWh electricity saved




liters of solvent saved


tonnes of sludge recovered

Backed by figures, IDCO demonstrates the effectiveness of its process for the environment.
Let's dream a little and imagine these figures for 200 or 300 machines installed...
Let's become eco-responsible together